I Remember- To My Ebony Rose

I remember her especially at nights, beaming through her eyes- her pride long compromised,  desire in her smile with a skin like the falling of the morning upon buttercups standing in their regal glory.
Her warmth… How I miss her touch!
But it pained me to see that the face I saw then, beyond her beauty ,was just a disguise.
A disguise that would unfold with time and ruin my pride.
Indeed, in what could only be described by me as a flash of lightning ,she took me from the garden of love and tossed me to the waste land of pain and sorrows.
It was at that moment I saw the truth.
Passed as I was from glory to scorn I asked as I looked up at her sitting upon the throne she made above me:
“Where has your love gone that I may go find it and return it to you again my love?”
‘Our time has passed, it is time for us to move on,’ was her reply.
I saw the end before we started but the joy you gave me blinded me most foolishly.
Yet, what could I do?
All those sweet words in times of our most passionate moments have lost all of their substance, no more am I the crown jewel of your heart Empress.
No longer will our breaths intermingle above the furnace of hell below.
Oh, but I remember!
I remember as though you and I were yesterday because even today I smile when I think of you and I know my pride still lives in you my love.
To you my Ebony Rose,

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