To Let You Go- The Inner Monologue

Our desires, too often, are left unsatisfied by those whom we love while those who understand, they are the ones who reap the fruits grown by those whom we love.
What a torment it is to find yourself in the predicament of giving your soul to the man or woman who seduced you and not the one whom you truly loved simply because he or she proved more capable of deciphering the hidden complex of all your inhibitions and persuading your heart!

That’s the simple reason understanding is always a better runner than impatience, insensitivity and selfishness.

Was that the case between you and I love?
Do I love you?
Surely so.
I smiled when I turned my gaze from the mirror of your countenance because I could see my heart in the depths of your soul. You pleased my thoughts to possess you and I loved everything about you. But when you went away, not looking back even for a moment, you took with you the sparkle that once stood in my eyes like a diamond on the head of a serpent, and I too, I had to let you go.

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