What was meant to be?

I’m holding her by her hands but my mind keeps drifting away because I’m thinking of you.
She gazed into my eyes and smiled at me for a moment, but her face I couldn’t see because it was yours that came to me.
She sang and danced to soothe me, I smiled but behind the fire of my eyes she just couldn’t see what roamed inside of me.
Had I a dozen more as lovely as her my heart would still feel no less the same,
Because the more I try to replace the thought of having you is the more I fall in love with you;
And that’s even though she’s doing all the things you never got around to do…
Perhaps one day we’ll view the time we spent with different minds so that you and I would see the way we both were meant to be.
Until then I’ll enjoy her twice as much to match the pain inside of me!

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