Can I be your Sometimes?

The Pondering

96e91529cf1dc79b47fd2b815a03f01aCan I be that secret hiding over there in that lustful place inside of your heart?
And you’ll get to be mines all the time every other time when you’re alone sometimes?
Just sometimes… Yes indeed!
I know you can’t always be around and I may have to be alone most of the time but…
Can I be your sometimes honey pie?
I want to be your sometimes… 

Yes, I sure do want me to be your sometimes- someone that you want to have around all of the time but you just can’t have everyday… Hmmmm
That’s just what I want to be, even though deep down inside I truly want the whole pie…
I’ll be your sometimes sugar until the right time.

Its been a few days now since we last met.
I remember watching you strolling coming my way with a red satin dress, a white hat with…

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