In the Shadows of My Heart- To Rihanna

Distant goddess, I saw a picture of you in my mind that I’d like the two of us to realize.
I journeyed through rivers and crossed valleys.
I slept in caves and I walked beneath the whispers of mighty trees.
I faced serpents and all manner of beasts, just to find you my love,
In Paradise.
But, when I finally found my way to your temple you scolded me and ignored my presence until one day after all my supplications you finally opened your slender arms impressed by the words of my charms and there I dwelt in the love of your company.

From down in the depths of the shadows of my heart I wished for you and my desire brought you close to me dear love.
You are the wish that came to be and my love for you is the product of your inspiration.
Silent as my smile was when I looked to you;
in my heart was I in love with you and all it would have took from you would be for you to cast your narrow eyes down upon me like the stare of a sparrow and you would feel my love for you growing inside of you too.

I yearned for you; more deeply than the scent of my darling daisies standing out in my garden before the sunlight by day and glowing under the weight of the moonlight in the Evening.
Now here I am, I came to conquer but instead I was rescued by you.

That faithful day, I saw you set your tired feet down into the palms of my outstretched palms for rest(no longer could you run away from me) and you climbed into the chamber of my heart before the coming of dawn.
Since then the only light I see is when you’re awake and next to me deep in the shadows of My Heart.

~Poet of God



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