The Stare

I dreamt I saw the length of the ocean, over the edge of your shoulders.

And as the sun broke forth through the skies,

 in the reflection of your eyes I realized something in me divine!

So I arched myself forward and I whispered in your ear:

“What will you have of me my dear?”

You paused for a moment then you watched me most queer. 

You smiled, then you laughed and muttered some words I could not hear.

You pulled me close and you tasted my ear.

You unhooked your blouse, I unbuckled my belt.

You crossed your finger across my lips, I shifted my eyes and you knew what was near.

You ran a short distance away and I followed you near.

I took off your shoes then I completed my stare… 

You gripped on my waist, how could I not taste the love you had for me I swear?

Am I the victim or were you sincere?

I know not the cause but I love you my dear!


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