The Pondering

What devolves from the human imagination into reality is on the surface at first most often incompatible to the reason of a trained mind or intellect.
This is so precisely because of the fact that imagination borders on the impossible while reason exists in the desert of all things known and accepted as fact and through its sincere attendance on every matter much men are flawed and measured out as worthless.
The whole purpose of knowledge is to evolve beyond it, to reduce it to a simple strand of fact applicable and relevant to the exigencies of special circumstances is an added advantage. But who would be so bold to adhere to what is known most faithfully enough to become opposed to contradictions and without applying himself to further questions when all truth is not known and man in his natural state is a creature designed for discovery?
To be a bearer of much knowledge, adept at regurgitating facts yet unable to distill from it an individually unique sense of self or opinion and its application to our purpose in life diminishes any benefit that might have been incurred to the self in its awareness to the human mind. It is truly a cause of much concern and ultimate depression of every ingenious aspect of a beautiful mind to find oneself so restricted to lines and measures. What is even more astounding is that we sometimes find ourselves wishing to accumulate a vast storehouse of knowledge to the detriment of understanding our purpose so as to realize our full potentialities. This is the true cause of dissatisfaction of men that they have not attended to philosophy before constructing their reason.
Indeed, the true glory of an imagination is extended by the fervour with which we attend ourselves to translating it beyond the boundaries of all that is accomplished. To this end we must strive continually. Every man must attend to himself most faithfully and be wary of building a structure in his mind that he is not willing to destroy all at once.  This calls for a degree of insight and understanding that few men possess. Hence it is so that all men are truly unequal.

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