My Love Equation

You ask me if I believe in God, hmmmm…
‘Que dois-je faire ma chère??!’
Look at your reflection in my eyes and see the picture of my satisfaction with you in my expression and you will find that as I believe you are so too do I believe that God is my dear.
Does He not shine in you, His most wondrous and perfect creation  like a jewel before me in the night?
You it can be said He made intending to solve my love equation, for I am most in love with you!
So, do not tarry your love from me.
Quiet your restless wings angel of love.
Do not fly away because the ground gives way beneath your feet.
Use your toes my dear for I am here.
Indeed, this is a slippery slope, a war at best to describe:
The battle between love and virtue.
But regardless of the weight of the two forces, love always prevails!
Let me prevail upon your heart as the night draws near, that we may dance in the meadows of your soul into the dew of a new day.
Surely, you and I will stare beyond the horizon as the dawn lifts the skirt of darkness that clouded our amorous passion and make our true desires plain to the light of day.



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