How to obtain what you want when you believe that you cannot have it?

It is intriguing to pursue a matter foreseeing the conclusion in advance.
Success often depends on knowing the exact moment or the precise opportunity that will give rise to the end sought after.
Sometimes necessity other times want stirs the human spirit to every thing it does and all it thinks of.
The truth is, no one is beyond being selfish but every man feels proud to believe he is good and so it is that we all deceive ourselves.
Discerning the actual conditions within a person’s mind then coordinating every action, systematically uprooting every obstacle, persisting beyond every setback and evading every affront tendered by the pride within the object of our intentions is the mark of a true professional within our class.
Nothing is an embarrassment, simply find a clever exit.
It is all a matter of maintaining one’s composure, continuing onward as if the past never existed but learning every important lesson to ensure the outcome will be in our favour in the end.
On the other hand, reinventing oneself to suit the exigencies of the situation as it presents itself at times is a special talent natural to some though observed by many.
To put it simply, the stage could be anywhere you want it to be; you must always be the main attraction.
Finally, as we pause to reflect upon the distance travelled to complete the journey we always find that it is the determination alone that truly is the beauty of everything accomplished.


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