To Anais (Goddess Anahita)

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Though days have past these sentiments are no less true:
from me to you may all of your dreams come through.

God, whom man’s mind longs to meet looks across from heaven,
sitting upon the throne of the universe and  hold
His eyes to see your smile in every morning sunshine.

He ponders upon you, His wondrous work; favoured and true
and all the host of heaven secretly yearns for you.

In His wise heart He knows He made you divine,
so when I look at you and smile folding my eyes it’s
because I see heaven’s plea through the window of your eyes.

Hearing your voice; it’s like birds at sport dancing
with the angels in the skies-I hear their song in you.

All lay in wait watching you both near and
far across the oceans hoping for them your
feelings might come through but
none can see the whole extent of you.

You walked, you talked, you smiled, you tossed you hair
and the whole world fell in love with you.

Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty whose glow stretches
across the firmament of the morning skies
and whose spirit God commanded to rest upon your
shoulders as a sign proclaiming your perfection finds
her beauty faded when compared to you.

Jealousy surely stirs deep within every feline’s heart
when upon the earth they see you in
your stride or standing in pride.

Yet, in spite of all else that may be today I write to you
and confess before all what is meant for you:

May happiness abound within your heart
and a dozen full moons may they all smile upon you.

May the rarest jewel of the earth be named after
you and all that is good find its way to you.

Everyday on earth, is surely meant for you,
happy birthday to you!



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