My Silver Princess- The Floating Mistress

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In every woman’s heart is a child yearning to be loved and cared for by the man she loves.
The love that woman gives in return isn’t a reward to celebrate as is so often the case among ordinary men, it is in fact a copious moment to pause and reflect upon.
For what is a woman but a mortal being aged by time and wisdom that men should turn their desire and yearning for her affection into an object that becomes a lord over themselves?
Then these same men who claimed the deepest affection for the object of their dreams turn to acts of cruelty, intemperance and abuse toward the women they claimed to have loved when their heart is removed from them.
A woman’s beauty counts as nothing as youth is truly the loveliest beauty there is in the world, more glorious than the lilies in my private garden and more wonderful in every aspect of its scenery.
A woman’s love for a man can simply be worded as an acceptance of the divine power in him whom she chooses to let behold all of those charms bestowed upon her by the essence of creation.
Yours most certainly will I behold in time and I have chosen a cup to represent the patience I show in pursuing you that is very deep and wide.

Many times, I too sensed the distance between us but my hope remained the same, for at that very moment when you think my love for you has waned or never was my heart is rising again from the edge of your doorstep to the summit of your eyelids.
You believe many things but my love for you is yet to dawn upon you and so you say I am wanting in displaying my love, but what you do not see are my labours for you even by day; sweating under the sun to build our temple, smiling when I see you but aching inside when you disappear beyond my eyes because I know your mind is far from me.
But my cup is near full so I know that soon the forest in which you wonder about searching to find your way will be made desolate by drought and your heart ready for my generous love for you. Then will you finally find your way through the vines and thorns that once stood between us and you will come home to me in my garden between the mountains to find all fruits ripe and ready and, I will receive you with open arms my silver princess.😋


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