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If you see your father or your mother as having committed an injustice against you that in no way permits you to be led by the motive of vengeance. You must see in this perceived injustice a critical element of their human imperfection that is genetically embedded in you also and so you should strive to constantly improve yourself.

You must pause, reflect and consider in your mind whether it is ignorance or hatred towards you which guides them. And you must not be quick to judge their understanding as were they not before you? Then can you distill from your conclusion a path toward peace.

If hatred is what guides them treat them with love and obey for only a great man can show mercy to those who abuse him but do not make of yourself a fool, plan your footsteps wisely.There are invisible forces of which you do not know of, all shall be well with you.

Nevertheless, I implore you, do not discard wisdom for folly; consider every matter before you carefully, weigh it in your heart and test it on the scales of wise men among you but if you were wise would they with charge over you find no way to refute you? As when they attempt to prevail upon your mind you would listen.

If those in command of you say do not cross this river or do not follow that company be wary to act otherwise for trouble may follow you. But if those in command of you charge you to break the law then you shall not obey, hence each of us must have the law written on our hearts, this is the duty of those with charge over us. Do not be sad or overzealous the Creator of the world has left you under their charge for a moment, it is not meant to be forever, and whether or not those who govern us are low or great we must obey.

Now I ask you, how can a poisoned tree bear good fruit? I cannot perceive how that might be made possible but I do know that men though grown in bad soil still have choices and likewise so do you.


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