The Poui Tree: Fervid Showers of My Poetry

Image result for painting of woman being wet by rain


I want that smile of yours at the distance between my eyelids and that warm breath of air that surrounds you as the perfume you wear I long to be as my heart so near.
Is it that you met someone in me who resonates with the true frequency of your soul?
I do not know but when I looked to you my heart leaped with joy, I could not resist to take you up by the heel and you fell into my arms like the flowers of a poui tree to the winds of my poetry :)…

My eyes are fresh, my heart is keen and I am old enough to have common sense but wise enough to give consent; for you to have your way with me my sweet.
To you my soul turns for contentment but I know lies have their flaws so I close my eyes to be in love with you and what bountiful pleasure it brings!

Beneath those velvet walls of yours are many chambers, where they all lead to I do not know but what I do know is that I wish to be lead to the seat at your heavenly table that I may dine in all of your immortal vices my poui tree.

So lovely are you April flowers, so tender are you my summer buds.
Kissing you with whispers and touching you with the heat of my charm.
You lay in darkness to sleep at nights, wrapped up in your fantasies but I am the one, from in my thoughts, who woke you up to love again :).
Gods and men they seek you too but I am the one to be with you.
Though in the heaven’s is the eternity of every hour in you my endless time, receive my fervid showers.



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