Sapphire’s light

Image result for darkness

He faces the sun behind the curtains and its eye is so full and wonderful!

It casts its light and those who look see a shadow.

If his soul expires his thoughts are still left like marks to be admired.

Why scorn to face the heat when water makes it so sweet?

And who has seen flowers more exquisite besides at the morning light?

I opened my eyes to face brightened skies, birds flying high but a still wind.

Then night,….!

Pause… Examine.

Do take me high above the clouds and into your glorious charm dear angel of the sky before night gallops pass and overtakes thee.




What is this I hear of darkness, may it come most meek and with silence.

For I fear not to stroke it, tempt me not!

No rowdiness in sight, no jealous heart ignited.

No criminal intent to flourish from desperate souls.

I hear them from where they crawl on their bellies and speak lies.


Joke me not!

Where and when?

Whose stomach is empty?

Whose wages are betrayed by dishonesty and knaves?


Come, eat!

Dismay, why pray?!

Sorrow is only remembered as yesterday.

Soon time enough has passed and feelings once thought may have last forever; no more all lost in the distant past.


Lo, darkness!

You sneakish fellow.

I despise thee.

Begone thee quickly before I lift my candle to thee.

You hide those beautiful flowers and of the waters I fear to dive from above for I know not what monster awaits beneath.

Ah, receive my open arms sleep.

Let me rest and sweetly as for evil men give them fear in place of your kindness.

But expect not that I tarry here for dead men continue through the day.

Soon morning comes and my true joy will sing her earthly song to awaketh me from within! 🙂

JM~ Dionys (Poet of God)




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