The Escape of Tyrina

Image result for secret love affair depiction painting

Some words are not meant to be spoken, and our story may never
be told yet how I wish we could just agree for this one moment to love
and behold the joy of our forbidden pleasures without the presence of guilt.

I have examined the intercourse of love that proceeded our affection
and I have found no cause to claim infidelity
r to hide for us to please ourselves.

Is it not wrong to treat a soul as property and so reduce a person to be loved as an object?
The only injustice is that you have been abused by one and loved by me alone.
You were a damsel in distress and I felt moved to be your gentleman,
shield in hand, bold and proud with my bow and arrow.

Was that not why you registered your protest in my valiant arms
and you ignored all else but reason?

Our love is pure and true, the other’s heart has been forgotten and the bond already broken,
what is left is the breath of an illusion created by the complacency of time passed.

You felt the longer it lasted the more your commitment demanded of you
until you found you were simply deceiving yourself.
Was it not simply that?

It was at that moment I was sent to rescue you by love and virtue
though even then the walls of resistance stood high
and I had to overcome the perils of doubt to get to you.
When I finally got to your heart, I met her in the murky waters of
apathy toward life,  her hope exasperated and your mind in the grip of shackles.
Today, you admit that you’ve found yourself in love with someone else,
a man you wished the other would be but you know not how this could be.

In spite of this, is it not your fear of some jealous rage prevailing upon the
other’s heart to ruin us both the reason we keep our love a secret?

For you trembled at the very moment you gave your love to me,
while I smiled and said ‘I love you’ to prove I was true to you.

I remember the expression of consternation in your eyes,
you thought of me as the embodiment of immorality,
scarcely to realize that I was wholly a manifestation
of the fantasy your inner longing created.

Some have seen us walking and talking,  always smiling and happy.
What is the crime in that?
Some have seen us disappearing from public glances
into questionable places and accuse us surely of doing wrong,
but none knows what helps make our choices and
this love of ours so strong.

JM~ Dionys 


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