On Relations between Men and Women- A question of harassment and if it exists

Let me address the issue of men and women, how they should communicate amongst themselves  and what can be determined as negative and unwarranted.

Before I pursue this discussion we must understand man on a primordial level. Man by nature is driven by the need for pleasure, he is embedded with the need to procreate and it is natural for the sexes to develop intimate interactions. How his behaviour is to be examined is on the basis of how it was created, the nature of society, its culture and associations which are all inextricably linked to how human relations are to be interpreted. It is unnatural to attempt to make a political intervention in this sphere; human and social understanding dictates that not every issue warrants a policy framework. What is proper may not be universal and hence is the fallacy of attempting to dignify the intercourse between the sexes by some particular standard.

If a man attempts an interaction with a woman for some inherent purpose he faces two possibilities- acceptance or rejection. These two alternatives are the remit of the woman to decide and contemplate within that situation. The standard of approach necessary for a successful outcome for the man is her prerogative, she is her own counsel and her decision is the highest court. It is often the case in such matters that persistence and determination may weigh in on the final verdict  but what business is that of the rest of the society?

We understand that it is natural to seek a companion or to want pleasure and we cannot determine how a human being, in spite of his training, may react in each circumstance. Of course, the state has certain jurisdiction when a crime is committed but if a woman is unharmed physically by a man’s pursuit or if he makes an overture that is resisted it remains to the two parties to resolve it amongst themselves amicably and to the law if he attempts to take what he requires without her consent or approval.

If at every instant a man attempts to court or seduce a woman he runs the risk of facing a tribunal then we may as well revert to a monolithic existence, reject all advances made by civilisation while alienating men and women amongst themselves, rendering all interactions impossible and difficult. Yet, on a practical level enforcing the powers of the court would be inimical to its best interest, warranting it ineffective and a laughing stock for the public.

Nevertheless, men learn and adapt, if a woman rejects a particular line of  approach by a man and he is wise he may learn the necessary means to obtain success. This is part of his cultural edification and shows the extent of the society as well as what it produces. We all have wants, the wants of society determines the preoccupation of women and those men who provide those wants enter into their kind favour. Those who don’t remain banished until the proper time.


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