Time of Love- Seductive Romance

Image result for seductive romance

I’m not stirred to anger by you my sweet.
And how can I when I say I love you?
I understand the struggle that you’re going through day by day,
and I know the garden is wide but the path to your heart is narrow so I stay.

I will not waiver in my desire for you even for a moment, in time your love for me will overwhelm the boughs of doubt which surround you.
I watch you from a distance below, riding above the clouds over the winds, tempting me with your blue wings and your dark eyes my emerald dove.
I watch you running swiftly as a gazelle to the furthest lengths of the plains below to flee, my love:

The waters are on the ground.
Why take your love from me?
How can I win what you know your love for me in your heart says is for me?

As days go by wouldn’t your lips become parched and dry?
So here will I wait patiently for you beside this brook you love to drink from with my heart ready for you.
Yes, I am waiting and no matter how much you try evading me, forever won’t keep you away from me. 🙂


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