The Story of My Love Dove- The day I found my Someone Else

Image result for painting of a dove

You accuse me of loving someone else?
Well if I do love someone else it has to be as much as I love you
because that’s the only way you can accuse me without condemning yourself too.

To say I love her more would to you mean that I loved you less
I guess but for me this was my only test:

To love you in spite of someone else.

Unfortunately, what you were most ignorant of was my love for you,
pure and sometimes true in spite of you.

Honestly, I think that I loved you so much, that the abundance of it consumed your appreciation of me and in turn your heart treated me with scant courtesy.
I marked the way scorn darkened the sunrise upon your face, and all it took was for me to have said, “I love you true but this thing you ask I cannot do.”
I held my head, tears left my eyes, what I thought was love-
was actually selfishness disguised by your beautiful eyes.

Since then, I called on you but you had no time
and days have passed without a sound from you.

I wish I could help myself from thinking of you but at least I
understand why you laughed when I first said that I had loved you.
It appears to me that love was the one emotion pride must have stripped from you;
what I thought was mine was just the shell of you.

Until one day the angels came who heard my pleas
and when they saw what you had done to me,
they wept and then took pity on me.
With Cupid’s arrow they conjured a spell 
and this dove you see, she fell in love with me!


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