My Broken Heart- The Journey from Yesterday to Today


Love: Oh broken heart, from where did this love start?

Broken heart: I do not know, it seems it ended where it started. You were  so anxious to say you loved me?

Love: And you were so glad to see me happy. It must have been in vain; you were the one who came, while I was the one who gave, that’s just the way it is.

Broken heart: A few hours to eternity, how could the two be the same?

Love: Even less would have pleased me well the same.

Broken heart: Forgive me. See my heart, I want you back!

Love: (Laughs)  I’m sorry but I won’t have that!

Broken heart: Whenever was love so cruel?

Love: At the very moment you had no clue of what to do. I’m sorry but begone you fool! I wish for no more of you!

Broken heart: (Turns aside and hides his eyes) Very well, dear love, from you I depart.
Your lips may not know me again and your arms without me your beauty will remain the same.
Yet my love for you though not in vain has left me with the greatest pain my heart has felt. So I won’t make much ado to lose you.
I did my part, held your cloth and felt no shame in thee.
You sailed away as far as I could not swim but I shall love again!

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