When Critisized

Image result for painting of man aspiring toward greatness

I think when human beings seek appreciation of their work they are effectively permitting the suffocation of their inherent talent by allowing their flaws to be blind-sighted.
Children when they obtain approval, they smile and continue, adults are no different, they do the same. But why would you accept what really reflects no more than the ignorance of a child who does not know his way and so has to be encouraged?
Therefore, when you begin receiving approval be on your guard because you are more susceptible to unnecessary illusions. Imagine yourself as the first shoots that rise above the soil to face the light- the fruits are yet to be seen.
When you are being denied recognition and everything you do appears to be unappreciated don’t mark the spot or act like a child and complain, smile and stick to it.
Leaves come and go, trampled down below but trees continue bearing fruit in their season under the sun. And who will not throw a stone at trees that bear good fruit above the reach of  his hands? You are of a divine nature; fear pride and hide the breeze of indignation stirred when you are criticised. For you might miss the words written on the paper as it blows by.

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