Desires Satisfied

Keep the warmth between your breasts for the weight of my return to your arms,

And content yourself with me to your own ends for I am at your liberty.

Touch me with a lock of your hair and see my fires burn for you.

Hide me under the hem of your blouse from prying eyes and hold my feet lest they sway with passing winds.

As for my heart, have it made like a dove nestled upon a passing cloud caught by the breath of your charm.

Let me bathe in your ecstasy while you smile upon me,

Let me drink from your lips and see all thirst removed.

For each time I say I love you, I feel the earth beneath me moved and the corners of my soul shaken by a mighty hand.

I ask of you my love; tend to my heart’s desires and see me wet like you stand upon my hands.

And if a branch be broken by too great a weight upon its shoulders may your heart too find all desires satisfied.



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