On the Thought of Evolution

​It is foolish and unnecessary to believe that creatures of the earth have evolved. Yes, they have from time to time adapted solely to changes in nature which govern their natural instinct to movement from place to place having no means to fix the supply of or secure their necessaries by their own hand(a power belonging to man but also observed in part among various species of animals).

For example who will find a lion in the desert where there is no water when he neither has the power to secure a storehouse of water or to make it rain, the latter being the same among men. Furthermore, such creatures have been so designed to survive in various conditions and their range of development is fixed to suit their functions, needs and their genetic sequence.

I mean to say that it is ridiculous to presume that the giraffe has evolved, it can only adapt within the range of the limit of its creation to survive under various circumstances and such a need ha not arisen, the design of nature is suited to this creature.

Man adapts and learns, he cannot evolve. It is only his mind that develops to noticeable effect, his knowledge changes and his body adapts to various conditions aided by different means. 

However, in spite of his intelligence(natural to all creatures and not limited exclusively to man by the Will of an Intelligent Author) and the power he acquires, faces death, disease and pestilence forever wishing for immortality but remaining a mortal man.

Perhaps death moves man to a higher or lower order of existence but there is none to prove such a thing to me nor should I bring myself to believe it.


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