The Poet’s Journey- A story of My Destiny

I rhyme with nature can’t you see the essence of my poetry?
No matter what you say a poet must be there is no measure for the best of me.

Scene I:
I calmly contemplate, love and beauty play their song then all I do is dance along.
Though you would point out where I am wrong, it matters not for all doubt is never gone.
Heeded by my ears a whisper, I stop, look back and wonder.
Retraced my footsteps for a moment’s distance and I sighted you an even further distance.
I lifted my hands and waved at you, looked around and found no more than much ado to trifle with the likes of you.
Without much concern, to journey’s end my soul pressed on and sure I am with time we’ll cross paths again.
You inciting the throngs to some sordid sin, me wrestling the beasts you stirred within;
And though one day your murmurs will no more offend, I’ll sigh at you before I meet my end.

Scene II

Dark and gloomy eyes, why cast your shadow down upon me?
Is it not much that passing years loom about to lecture me, for you to lurk and continue haunting me?
Bid me peace and grant me comforts where I dwell for were I you; to do good I would not contend.
Lord on high whose eyes I have not seen,
Laugh and mock my foolish liberties, but stay your sword edge hand and not punish me.
In the arms of love was where I longed to be, desire kept forsaking me,
But if I were you, you’d be no less than me.
My sole crime- to be the knave I was and now the sceptre of a trying man.
Here I am let all former things be, open the doors to my destiny.





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