The Pleasure of My Senses-Her Creation

There is something in your lips that reacts most violently with my senses every time we meet.
The dew upon those flowers we pass by every morning sparkle in the mirror of your eyes.
I look to you and see my reflection born again in the will and purpose of your heart.
These island winds move the leaves while your words stir up a storm in me; I tumble in my heart and though I fall, yet do I find my way to you.
The angels, they blush to think of you and hide their eyes as though but simple men before they look to you.
As for the Author of this world, He paused to shape your smile, then He measured His love and gave three-fifths to you.
He took the sands kept in the secret chamber of His soul in the valleys of Paradise and embossed your name with his words as He chose your subtle complexion; more resplendent than the Plumeria flower, more proud than the head of Tulips and more regal than the Bird of Paradise unscented but pure.
He picked His two favourite stars from the constellation to set them in your eyes, and from the sun He made your glow that now illuminates my soul.
Before He completed His handmade work, He stretched across the length of the universe and made a golden rainbow that none on earth could find until they looked to you and learned to love in their hearts and not by the measure of their words.
Then, He stretched you out to reach the heavens and made me low that I’d look to Him when I found you.
After much labour in the making of you,
He wiped His brow, stepped back and took pleasure in the sight of you!
Finally, He gave life to you with this hymn:
All that is good and wonderful I place within,
For I set you among poisonous souls and tainted things,
But I know, you’ll soar on high above with these two wings.
Here is a measure of love to greet all hatred stirred against you, tears from the milk of Paradise to ward off all unhappiness about you and a heavenly smile too great to ever compromise.
Much riches and splendour to you I give,
My dear Afisha Felicia Bobcombe know that I love you!



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