The Unmasked Rose

When I lift my eyes and affix my gaze upon you drawing near I feel as though I’ve unmasked a rose most dear,
As for your ways, I see them ornately expressed in the complexity of that maze of folding petals that hide within my favourite scent,
More lovely than all the flowers of this world.
A gloomy feature takes up my countenance when you are gone and my appetite is as if burdened by a deep sorrow in my soul, nothing can I do well for myself,
The ebb and flow of the oceans mirror the pattern of the emotions that depart from the walls of my heart,
First, a mixture of melancholy and confusion when you are away then when I know you are close and I yet to taste your crimson lips,
The strings of my heart, they reverberate with the pleasures of joy and happiness in my soul.


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