The Joy of You

Your eyes are but the lamps of my soul and for your heart, there is no weight of gold.
I set my gaze to you as the flowers unfold and at the dawn of the morning light our story is told.
Here a fire grows, it spreads from the horizon of my toes to all about me,
And there is none to understand what consumes all of me except you, my love.
Whenever you’re away; I shut my eyes and hasten my feet right where in time I know we’ll meet.
Then, I receive the warmth of your arms and all the vines that grow over the walls of my heart by the loneliness that much desire brings wilt away.
You take my thoughts on distant walks beyond all I thought I ever could know,
You laugh and I feel whole again, we touch and all I wish for is no more to me without the joy of you.



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