My Firelight

This is a piece I like, I’ve made some changes soI’m sharing it with you again.

The Pondering

A fire burns deep within my soul,
But, what you see is just the smoke that drifts away.
I close my eyes and there I am in the inner chamber of my thoughts searching for the door that leads to where my heart must be.
Yes, I search as an adventurer in heated lust and I wish to find that special treasure.
Day by day another path, escaping wrath and scolding.
Those luxurious comforts which attend to all noble men do wink at me.
And I most gracefully refuse to decline what by right is surely mine.

What do you know about me enough to say?
Am I not a mystery as sure as this fire that you have not found?
Here I am before you, yet, though I am near my pulse you have not felt.
It does rent my heart that you are yet to know me.

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