Learning How to Think

When I learned how to think it became more important to me to extend my energies on how to approach the problems I confronted than what I was yet to know- knowledge, to me, became an abyss in which no man could travel in his lifetime in spite of how much he knew. In the little I acquired I found I could spare others the burden of searching in the places that were barren and would leave them empty-handed.

It was then I understood the purpose of understanding and I could see money as it is and not as I wanted to. I could see a certification of knowledge as a piece of paper that a puddle of water could easily destroy-as I had the happy chance of discovering- impossible to give as an inheritance and what I gain from it I lose more in not spending the time to make money to invest and multiply.
An ignorant man, a wise man or a fool all rich not because of what they know but because they had a desire, thought out a plan and saw it to completion and so enabled others to obtain the means for their own survival thereby multiplying themselves. A true genius really enables the useful employment of others at a rate that takes them above the means of survival and into the realm of creative effort and not the employment of himself by virtue of his knowledge at the expense of others. As many limited men tend to.
I could easily use Google(I don’t care how it works but I understand it..lol) if I needed something and so free my brains from the clutter of unnecessary knowledge along the road to discovery. I cared not about what I already knew, I recreated myself anew and removed the burden of the ignorant man of the past. That is all! We are constantly illuminated by new discoveries that propel our progress and increase our comforts, who has the time to know them all or to spend one’s life work as a specialist?? Nothing is of more significance than the next best thing that makes money. Indeed, what is significant is whether or not the inherent ability of the individual can be unearthed and perfected and so give life to the hidden beauty of the souls of gods trapped in a temporary dwelling on the earth.
Much like the opinion placed in the mouth of Sherlock Holmes by Conan Doyle- what I didn’t know became unnecessary until I thought it necessary and useful to my present object to make use of it. I became a user of knowledge and not an absorber of it.


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