Stupidity has no remorse so I’m saving my venom.
I won’t be contemplating revenge and as long as love and passion are my friends you won’t get the better of me.

Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man

I have seen thousands of things which are
not in reality what they appear to be, and that,
both in the moral and natural world :
Knavery puts on the face of justice.
Hypocrisy and superstition wear the vizard of
Deceit and evil are often clothed in the shapes
and appearances of truth and goodness.
We are imposed upon at home as well as abroad ;
often deceived in our senses, by our imaginations,
by our passions and appetites, by the authority
of men, by education and custom : also led into
errors by judging according to these false and
flattering principles for the want of mature judgement,
rather than according to the nature of
things and experience of the past, which is true

-Albert Churchward